Lampeye Care Guide

The Lampeye fish, scientifically known as Poropanchax normani, is an intriguing and attractive species that can add a captivating element to your freshwater aquarium. They are a delight to watch and relatively easy to care for, making them a popular choice among aquarists. This post gives a Lampeye Care Guide to those who wish to keep these interesting and busy little fish.

1. Understanding Lampeye Fish Behavior

Lampeye fish are known for their peaceful demeanour and schooling behavior. They prefer to swim in groups, which makes for a beautiful, synchronized display in your aquarium. The characteristic that gives them their common name, ‘Lampeye’, is their reflective, lamp-like eyes which appear to glow under the right lighting conditions.

2. Natural Habitat of the Lampeye Fish

Poropanchax normani is native to the rivers and streams of Western Africa. They thrive in slow-moving, soft, and slightly acidic water. The natural environment of the Lampeye fish is rich in vegetation and has a dark, sandy substrate, a condition you might want to replicate in your aquarium to make them feel at home.

3. Caring for Lampeye Fish: What You Need to Know

Caring for Lampeye fish involves replicating their natural environment as closely as possible and meeting their specific dietary needs.

Tank Setup: A 40-liter tank is usually sufficient for a small school of Lampeyes. The tank should have plenty of plants for hiding, and the use of a dark substrate can help mimic their natural habitat. They prefer soft, slightly acidic water with a pH of 6.0-7.5 and a temperature between 22°C-26°C.

Diet: Lampeye fish are omnivores, and their diet should consist of a balanced mix of high-quality flake food, frozen, freeze-dried, and live foods such as brine shrimp, daphnia, and bloodworms.

Tank Mates: Due to their peaceful nature, Lampeye fish get along well with other non-aggressive fish of a similar size. Good tank mates can include species like tetras, rasboras, and small catfish.

4. Why Choose Lampeye Fish for Your Aquarium?

Lampeye fish make an excellent addition to community tanks due to their peaceful nature and striking appearance. Their unique, glowing eyes add an element of intrigue, while their schooling behavior provides a lively and dynamic visual appeal.

~~~ In conclusion, if you’re looking for a peaceful, attractive, and relatively easy-to-care-for species to add to your freshwater aquarium, the Lampeye fish may be an excellent choice. Remember, a well-maintained tank and a balanced diet are key to keeping your Lampeye fish healthy and thriving.

Image credit: Benny

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