Red Tail Dumbo Ear Guppies


The Red Tail Dumbo Ear Guppy is a peaceful, easy-to-care-for fish, perfect for community tanks. Reaching up to 6 cm, they boast striking red tails and large, elegant fins. They thrive in temperatures of 22-28°C and prefer slightly alkaline water (pH 7.0-7.8). Ideal for both beginners and seasoned fishkeepers, their livebearing breeding type adds an exciting element to the aquarium experience.

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The Red Tail Dumbo Ear Guppy, a captivating variety of the popular guppy fish, is renowned for its vibrant red tail and large, fan-like pectoral fins resembling elephant ears. These distinct fins add an elegant, floating appearance as they swim. Exhibiting a kaleidoscope of colors, this breed often features iridescent bodies that catch the light beautifully. Ideal for community tanks, they’re known for their peaceful nature and adaptability. They thrive in well-planted aquariums, mimicking their natural tropical freshwater habitats.

Maximum adult size: Red Tail Dumbo Ear Guppies typically reach up to 6 cm in length.

Temperament: Known for their peaceful and sociable disposition, they are excellent additions to a community aquarium.

Difficulty of care: They are relatively easy to care for, making them suitable for beginners and experienced aquarists alike.

Preferred Temperature: The optimal temperature range for these guppies is between 22-28°C.

Preferred pH of water: They prefer slightly alkaline water, with a pH range of 7.0 to 7.8.

Type of breeding: They are livebearers, meaning the females give birth to free-swimming young instead of laying eggs.

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