Platinum Red Tail Guppies


Platinum Red Tail Guppies are eye-catching with their metallic bodies and bright red tails, reaching up to 6 cm in length. These peaceful fish are perfect for community aquariums and are easy to care for, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced fish enthusiasts. They thrive in temperatures of 22-28°C and prefer a pH level of 7.0-7.8. Their livebearing nature adds a fascinating aspect to the aquarium, especially for those interested in fish breeding.

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Platinum Red Tail Guppies are a stunning variant in the guppy family, characterized by their shimmering, metallic platinum bodies contrasted with vivid red tails. These small, yet vividly coloured fish are a favorite among aquarists for their dazzling appearance and active swimming behavior. They are a perfect choice for adding a splash of color to any freshwater community aquarium. Being hardy and adaptable, they suit both novice and experienced fish keepers.

Maximum adult size: Typically, they grow up to about 6 cm in length.

Temperament: They are peaceful and sociable, making them ideal for community tanks with similarly tempered species.

Difficulty of care: Platinum Red Tail Guppies are easy to care for, suitable for aquarium enthusiasts of all levels.

Preferred Temperature: They flourish in water temperatures ranging from 22-28°C.

Preferred pH of water: A pH level between 7.0 and 7.8 is ideal for their well-being.

Type of breeding: Like other guppy varieties, they are livebearers, giving birth to live young rather than laying eggs.

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