Platinum Koi Guppy


The Platinum Koi Guppy is a stunning aquarium fish, admired for its koi-like coloration and peaceful temperament. Reaching a size of 4-6 cm, they are perfect for community tanks, thriving in warm water temperatures of 22-28°C and a pH of 6.8-7.8. These easy-care livebearers are adaptable, sociable, and breed easily, making them a favorite among both beginner and advanced aquarists. Platinum Koi Guppies enjoy a varied diet and do best in well-planted tanks with plenty of space to swim and hide. Ideal companions include other peaceful fish of similar size, ensuring a harmonious and visually striking aquarium environment.

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The Platinum Koi Guppy is a mesmerizing variant of the classic guppy, celebrated for its unique coloration that mirrors the beauty of traditional koi fish. These guppies possess a striking blend of white, orange, and sometimes black markings, making them highly sought after by enthusiasts for adding a touch of elegance to any freshwater aquarium. Originating from tropical freshwater habitats, the Platinum Koi Guppy has adapted well to aquarium life, offering both beauty and resilience as a species.

Maximum adult size: They typically reach about 4-6 cm in length, with males being smaller and more vibrantly colored than females.

Temperament: Known for their peaceful and sociable nature, Platinum Koi Guppies are excellent community fish, thriving in groups and interacting peacefully with other species.

Difficulty of care: Easy. Platinum Koi Guppies are hardy and adaptable, making them an ideal choice for both novice and experienced aquarists.

Preferred Temperature: They flourish in warm water, with an optimal temperature range of 22-28°C.

Preferred pH of water: A slightly acidic to neutral pH of 6.8-7.8 is ideal for their health and well-being.

Type of breeding: Livebearers. Females give birth to fully formed, free-swimming fry, making reproduction in the home aquarium a common and rewarding experience.

Diet: Platinum Koi Guppies are not fussy eaters, thriving on a varied diet of high-quality flake food, frozen or live brine shrimp, daphnia, and occasionally vegetable supplements.

Habitat and Tank Requirements: These guppies prefer well-planted aquariums with plenty of swimming space and hiding spots. While they are adaptable to a range of water conditions, maintaining clean water and stable parameters is key to their health.

Compatibility: Their peaceful demeanor makes them well-suited to a community tank setting, where they can coexist with other small, non-aggressive fish. Care should be taken to avoid housing them with large or fin-nipping species.

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